How to Find Out Who Owns a Property For Free?

How to Find Out Who Owns a Property For Free?

How to Find Out Who Owns a Property: As discussed in our earlier blog, is buying land a good investment in 2022 (mention hyperlink), investing in real estate is extremely beneficial in the long run. So, if you’re walking by and saw a property that aligns well with your requirement of buying a property then you must give it a chance. Nonetheless, it is very important to know the details of the property you’re planning to invest in, and in that case, it is essential to find the owner of the property.

How to Find Out Who Owns a Property For Free?

There are multiple ways in which one can find the owner of the property and we have listed the following ways that will help you for sure:

County’s office of tax assessment:

Every nation has a tax assessor, and the office of the tax assessor keeps track of the county’s property owners’ tax records. For getting information on the property owners, you can simply visit the county’s tax assessor’s official website. However, you would be required to pay for the document copies you obtain, making this the most straightforward and affordable method of discovering a property’s owner.

A real estate broker:

Official property records can also be accessed via real estate agents. They can also explore a little deeper to find out more about the property from their sales history or a fellow real estate agent.

Nearby library:

Historical records, especially those holding information on land owners, can typically be found in the nearby library. Visit the library to access their hardcopy archived records or online records database.

Search reliable websites:

The property that you want details of might be already up for sale and you can get the details for the same on the internet. All you need to do is visit and add the location where you saw the property and if that property is listed there, you can get detailed information about the land. If you’re unable to find it yourself, you can opt for the contact us option and our team of experts will help you find the details.

Query Your Neighbors:

Neighbors can be a good (and cost-free) source of information about property owners. It could be a good idea to approach them and get the details of the property owner and also if the owner is willing to sell his/her property or not.

Consult the Household Members:

If you have tried all the above-listed methods, and still couldn’t find the details then you must contact the owner directly. We do understand that it could be hard or uncomfortable to approach the residents of the house, but you might think about leaving them a message or writing them a letter instead.

Overall Thoughts

To make an informed decision regarding a property, gather as much information as you can before making a purchase. You can always use any of the resources listed above for additional details.

If you’re unable to get all the details you’re looking forward to, then take professional help. Go to and we shall be happy to assist you.

All you need to do is give us your list of requirements along with the budget, and we shall conduct our in-depth evaluation and offer you the best property investment options.

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Land record is a generic term which is used to refer to a number of records. These include Records of Rights (RoRs), register of the lands, crop inspection register, tenancy, mutation register, disputed case register, and so on. Land record also includes certain geological information in regard to the land such as the shape and size of the land, type of soil on the land. It can also include the economic information in relation to the irrigation and crops.

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