What Is Recreational Land? Recreation Land For Sale

What Is Recreational Land? Recreation Land For Sale

Are you tired of the same routine and want to go outdoors to have some fun? What if we tell you this is possible in the US?

If you are wondering about buying land as an investment in this country, you can always invest your money in recreational land.

Let us understand what the term recreational land means and more in this blog. Read on to have an in-detail overview of this concept and how it can be used for generate extra income.

Recreational Land

As per real estate industry experts, recreational land is land that is meant only for recreational purposes or activities that give you pleasure. These activities can include a hoard of pastimes such as playing, sports, touring, hiking, boating, camping, hunting, and many others.

According to available information, all states in the US have been permitted to develop recreational land that encourages the landowners to use their lot for recreational purposes only after establishing liability protection.

What is Recreational Land?

Having a place where you along with your family/ friends can enjoy the great outdoors by indulging in fun activities is something every individual would want to break the monotony of life.

Recreational land is an area that is a bare or raw lot that can be utilized for multiple recreational purposes, It includes various types of recreational activities such as family retreats, hunting, fishing weekend getaways, and much more.

Having your lot to enjoy these activities in the US makes it more easily accessible at the time you want. Furthermore, owning a piece of land gives you the option to develop it in the way you want.

If you do not want to create fun engaging activities on the spot, then you can build a property that serves as a long-term investment. 

Can You Build On Recreational Land?

As per the available information, most zoning laws in the US do not permit the creation of permanent structures on recreational land.

However, this rule has its variations, and it usually depends on the state laws where you have purchased the lot. Some of the laws for permit building small cabins on the land property that is strictly meant for hunting purposes.

The cabins need to adhere to strict guidelines set by the government, It includes that the cabin size must be less than 500 square feet and can be habitable only for short time. 

When land is deemed recreational, then most of the time, its use is only for human enjoyment. Hence, it is possible that building a permanent apartment on it would be prohibited in most US cities if not all states. 

The positive point of building on this lot is you can get the area rezoned. As the odds are zoning restrictions would not be changed by government officials, you could try for a zoning variance on your site.

For this to be effective, you might be required to prove hardship from special circumstances. Lastly, you can go for a special use permit. It would assist in removing the specific restrictions for your land but this applies only to the owner of the land.

In case you have built a house and then decided to move to a different location, then the next owner would not be permitted to keep the already constructed house on the property.

Can You Live On Recreational Land?

The answer to this question is – it is dependent on several factors. As previously discussed, most localities in the US have already placed severe restrictions on building permanent residential structures on it, so it is important to be attentive – whether you can build an apartment to live on it for a small portion or full-time of the year before you make the hefty investment.

It is important to keep in mind that each area and municipality in the US has different definitions for residential zones. Hence, before you go for raising a building on your lot, perform a detailed study of the zone’s fine print, be ready with your questions, and get a copy of the zoning ordinances.

It will give you a clear idea about the building and use restrictions for a particular lot. It is always a good idea to present the question ‘ Can you live on recreational land on the purchased lot?’ to the zoning department and speak your mind to have a better idea of your expectations. 

The process to obtain zoning exceptions to build an apartment on your recreational land is usually based on the jurisdiction and involves a long process. In such circumstances, you should be prepared to submit a written application, give a filing fee, and even request your case to the local zoning board or planning commission.

Let us assume that your plea has been heard and granted by the zoning officer. At such times, you need to take into account certain practical considerations like water, electricity, and tax implications and check for everyday conveniences like grocery shopping, nearby restaurants, and emergency medical facilities. 

What Does Recreational Land Mean?

As clear from the above sections mentioned in this blog, recreational land is a lot that offers various recreational services to the residents of that area.

It gives nearby individuals various opportunities for outdoor activities or passive recreation. Here is why investing in recreational land is a smart move if you are thinking of making a land investment in the US –

  1. Good recreational land appreciates its value 
  2. It’s the safest way to keep your money safe 
  3. Recreational land is less stressful 
  4. The place offers maximum unwinding and relaxation 
  5. Recreational land offers happiness to both, owner and visitors 
  6. It promotes mental well-being and overall health 

Recreation Land For Sale

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