How to find the history of a property online for free

How to find the history of a property online for free

history of a property online for free- When purchasing a home, it’s crucial to take the property’s history into account. The number of times a house has changed ownership and the sort of work done to it can reveal a lot about the future state of the property.

Do your homework whether you’ve already purchased a home or are considering making an offer.

There are multiple ways you can check the history of a property online for free:

  • Start with a basic google search: You may find out the property’s ownership history by performing a simple online search. Run a Google search on the address to find detailed information on a house. This will bring up information from MLS listings about the property on:
    • When the property was purchasedWhen it was soldWho paid for it
    • Identify estimations for the property’s value based on current market conditions

Your agent can assist you in learning more about the house if you come across something intriguing in the records. You can enquire as to why a house has through many ownership changes or why a family that had lived elsewhere for many years decided to move.

  • The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA): The historical land records and genealogy records are all kept by this federal institution. Among the ten million individual land records maintained with the office are land patents, land case entries, farm ownership, rehabilitation data, and more that provide a wealth of information.

The website serves as a comprehensive overview to government documents and can be a good place to start. Aside from these databases, NARA also provides access to effective search tools like Heritage Quest Online, Fold3, and The Ancestry Institution. Some indexes could need a password and be accessible only to registered users.

Public Records: Property history public records free. The information included in public records regarding a property is also quite interesting. To see these property records nowadays, you don’t even need to go to the county courthouse; you can do it all online.

A property record will include details on prior owners, any changes to the square footage, sales and property tax data, and more. It might only take a little effort to find the appropriate online public records gateway for your region.

LexisNexis offers reports on property claim cases: Make sure there are no claims against the property before you purchase it by utilising the LexisNexus Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (C.L.U.E.). Up to seven years’ worth of claims against personal property, such as a house or the land it sits on, are gathered and reported in this exchange.

This report’s claims information will include payments made as well as the date the property was lost. Your insurance premiums may be impacted by prior claims on a property, and you may need to adjust your bid price accordingly. Once every 12 months, LexisNexus offers a free property claim report.

Died in House: If any of the previous tenants have died within the property, you may find out on the website This information can be helpful even if it could be unsettling to consider.

You might be surprised to learn that a tragic event, such as a murder or suicide, is not regarded as material information when it comes to selling a home, which means that a real estate agent is not required by law to disclose this information prior to a sale because it only has a minimal psychological impact on the value of the home.

So, if there are any uncomfortable facts regarding a home you are unaware of, this might be a beneficial resource.

It is always better to know all the details of the house you are planning to invest into, land history records by address thus, refer to the steps and websites stated above and you can gather all the information you need.

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