What is CRP land? Can you build a house on CRP Land?

What is CRP land? Can you build a house on CRP Land?

CRP land- Don’t you think that the equilibrium on the planet Earth is getting affected by human activities?

Flora and fauna of Earth are greatly disturbed due to our increasing manual needs, encroachment activities, and even bringing disruption in the natural cycle.

It is already causing havoc in many places on Earth as witnessed by changing climate conditions and rampant natural disasters like earthquakes.

To protect Earth from further damage, the United States Department of Agriculture had started the Conservative Resource Program (CRP).

Read on to know what this term exactly means and how it is helping to prevent further interference in nature. 

CRP Land

The right natural habitat is necessary for flourishing wildlife. A clean living place with ample food and water supply is essential for thriving animals and birds to become habituated to it.

The USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) administers the conservative reserve program or CRP for land conservation under a yearly rental agreement. As the CRP land is more productive and better suitable for agricultural purposes, the government takes steps to keep the soil at this place in excellent condition. 

What is CRP Land?

In CRP, the government of the US takes maximum care to protect the nourishment of soil by keeping maximum attention by not letting its value be affected.It has imposed certain rules and restrictions on CRP land to ensure that it is not damaged by modernised interference.

The law for CRP land was made by President Ronald Reagan in 1985. It is considered to be one of the largest private-lands conservation programs in the United States. The voluntary participation by landowners and farmers in the nation for CRP land has assisted the government to achieve significant goals in conservation programs and maintaining sustainability on the planet. 

Eligibility criteria for CRP Land

If you are a landowner in America and want to enroll in CRP, then you must be aware of the eligibility criteria set by the government.

To make your property CRP land, the producer must have operated the land or owned it for at least a year before the contract period for it begins.

This rule comes with certain exceptions which are as follows – 

  • The new owner must have acquired the CRP land before the previous owner’s death
  • Change in ownership of the proposed CRP land occurred because of a foreclosure
  • FSA is completely satisfied with the new owner’s claim that he did not acquire the land for getting CRP land benefits

In America, a certain land can come under the label of CRP land if it meets the following criteria – 

  1. The cropland has a high wear down characteristic or its previous 4 plantations in 6 years have grinded it to a large extent but can be planted in a normal manner 
  2. The land has marginal pasture which can be used as a vegetated area like the riparian buffer or for similar habitat or water quality purposes
  3. The land is suitable for animal grazing and ecologically significant as it contains required shrubs or forbs  
  4. The concerned land comes under the category of a farmable wetland and related buffers

You can do enrollment in the proposed CRP land by using any one of the following options: 

  1. General CRP
  2. Grassland CRP
  3. Continuous CRP
  4. Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
  5. Farmable Wetlands Program

Can you build a house on CRP land?

The original intent of CRP land is to protect sensitive land from degradation and prevent soil erosion. The area has been specifically kept reserved for wildlife habitat. In addition to this, the CRP land forces the owners to reduce grain surpluses for preserving nature’s equilibrium. It implies that the landowners are strictly instructed to keep it aside and maintain less production on it while receiving hefty government payments. 

This means as per the rule it is not possible to construct any kind of house/building on the land that is associated with the Conservation Reserve Program. Furthermore, if the land already has an apartment or any other structure before its declaration in the list, then it must be removed from the program at a pre-fixed cost. If the owner wants to sell the existing property in a few years or a decade, it is possible to leave that particular site out of the program. 

How much does CRP land pay?

As CRP is a land conservation program administered by the Farm Services Agency (FSA) department in America, its yearly rental payment is also decided by the government. These can range from 10$ per acre to nearly 300$ per acre for the farmer or landowner to voluntarily relocate them to other places.

The FSA usually decides this rate on some factors like – 

  1. Productivity of soil within each county 
  2. Ongoing Average dryland cash rent 

This maximum rental pay rate for every county offer is calculated in advance before the enrollment program begins. The offered pay could be at a fixed cost or a lower cost to the owner. 

You can check the CRP statistics on: 


Can you drive on CRP land?

As this type of land is eminently meant to prevent the degradation of soil and support wildlife habitat, the possibility of driving on it can come with many rules and regulations. If you want to convert your piece of CRP land for recreational purposes, then driving is strictly prohibited in these locations.

You can keep activities such as horsing, hunting or bird-watching or any hobbies that are related to nature. The CRP land can be used for generating offset income before the final contract document is signed by the owner. It aids in enjoyable land ownership and creates some extra bucks for his pocket apart from the government rent! 

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