What is a Fixture in Real Estate? Example of Fixture

What is a Fixture in Real Estate? Example of Fixture

What is a Fixture in Real Estate?

An object that is physically attached to real estate and that would require equipment to remove is referred to as a fixture. Usually, pipes, cement, adhesive, nails, screws, or bolts are used to attach this component. A fixture is built to be a part of the property and is not meant to be removed easily.

A dishwasher integrated into the kitchen cabinet, for instance, would be regarded as a fixture compared to a portable dishwasher, which might be moved to another residence as personal property.

Trees that are firmly rooted into the ground are regarded as fixtures for outdoor landscaping as compared to plants that could be maintained in containers without needing to be dug out. 

Is MARIA testing impactful in determining fixture status?

Agents and other real estate experts use a form of test to determine whether anything is a fixture. They typically use a set of criteria or traits to determine whether something qualifies as a fixture.

Each letter of the acronym MARIA stands for one of these factors, any one of which may have an impact on fixture status:

  • Method of attachment: Fixtures are typically objects that are firmly fastened to the property, such as with cement or screws.
  • Adaptability: Fixtures are objects that have been customized for a particular purpose in the home and have evolved into necessary components of the home, such as flooring or a pool cover.
  • Relationship between the parties: Whether something is a fixture depends on the understanding between the owner and the other party. Something that is installed by a homeowner is more likely to be seen as a fixture than if it was done by a tenant who is renting the property.
  • Intent: The reason the item was brought into the house matters. A stove or washer/dryer are examples of items that were obviously meant to be a permanent (or sufficiently long-term) addition to the house and hence qualify as fixtures.
  • Agreement: The purchase and selling agreement determines the status of anything that is specifically listed and labeled in that document. Something becomes a fixture if the contract specifies that it will stay in the house or is one.
What is a fixture in Real Estate? Example of fixture

What are the example of fixture in real estate?

It is not always easy to constitutes what is a fixture and what isn’t, fixtures can create a lot of problems in real estate transactions.

Items that are considered fixtures:

  • Appliances built-in: wall oven or dishwasher
  • Lighting fixtures: sconces and chandeliers
  • Ceiling lights
  • Curtain rods and Window coverings
  • Towel holder
  • Built-in bookcases or cabinets
  • Smoke alarm
  • Landscape features that are “hard”: a pergola, gazebo, and fire pit

Items that are not fixtures:

  • Furniture/Rugs
  • Shelves, bookshelves, and storage that are not built-in
  • Drapes or curtains
  • Unfixed yard ornaments (like string lights)

Comparing personal property and fixtures

Real or personal property are the two categories into which everything related to property falls. Fixtures are regarded as real property because the estate “owns” them. Personal property, on the other hand, is typically movable and belongs to the particular owner (the seller or a family member).

While you are free to take personal items with you when you sell, fixtures normally transfer ownership together with the house. Keep in mind that in a real estate transaction, personal property includes even substantial goods like furniture that you might not initially think to be such.


Now that you are knowledgeable about all the details of fixtures, you can be certain of what is included and what’s not included.

Additionally, keep in mind to thoroughly study your contract, make intelligent fixture selections, and exercise caution when removing them.

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