Here are reasons one should buy land for sale in Tennessee:

  • The state has a moderate climate with cool winters and warm summers. It can be also noted that the rise in temperature from east to west is because of its drop in elevation.
  • In Nashville, high temperatures in July average in the upper 80s F (about 32 °C); whereas in January, the average lies in the mid-40s F (about 8 °C), while the average low is around 30 °F (−1 °C).
  • The harvesting season ranges from 130 days in the mountainous east to nearly 240 days in Memphis.
  • Most of Tennessee is within the range of 160 to 220 days.
  • Employment opportunities in Tennessee are tremendous as the state has only a 3.4% unemployment rate, which indicates that one has a good chance of finding a job.
  • The job market in Tennessee is huge, and you can pretty much do whatever you desire.
  • This is a reason why land sales in Tennessee are highly recommended.
  • The state has a wide variety of flora and fauna as nearly one-half of Tennessee is forested, with more than 200 species of trees out of which a variety of them are commercially valuable.
  • These species include locusts, poplar, maple, oak, elm, beech, pine, spruce, walnut, hickory, etc. Moreover, Tennessee’s forests are home to a broad spectrum of animal life.
  • Dozens of species of mammals are native to the state. The state also has an array of species of birds and fishes as well.

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